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Co-op Member Bylaws

Clearwater Power is a member-owned cooperative. Anyone who purchases electricity from the co-op becomes a member and owner. To learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a Member, read the Member Bylaws Handbook.

The Clearwater Power Company Annual Meeting on the first Friday of November at the Red Lion Hotel in Lewiston.  If you wish to recommend an individual for consideration as a candidate for nomination, please contact any member of the nominating committee below.

The nominations and voting bylaws can be found in Article II, Section 5 and Article III, Section 3. The complete bylaws can also be mailed upon request.

Before making a nomination, please consult our board district map.

District No. 1
Robert O. Kerns
1100 Cora Road
Potlatch, ID 83855
(509) 336-1342

District No. 2
Roderick Halvorsen
PO Box 44
Santa, ID 83866
(208) 245-6726

District No. 3 
Kendrick Webb
1521 Hwy 99
Troy, ID 83871
(208) 835-4792

District No. 4
Bruce Yenni
88 Yenni Rd
Kendrick, ID 83537
(208) 476-4161

District No. 5
Dallas H. Dodd
PO Box 100
Anatone, WA 99401
(509) 256-3347

District No. 6
Cecil Martin
24598 Gifford-Reubens Road
Culdesac, ID 83524
(208) 836-5590

District No. 7
Zak Ralstin
2297 Ralstin Road
Craigmont, ID 83523
(208) 937-2235






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