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Electrical Safety Demonstration

Demonstrating direct contact with high voltage wire on a canteloupe

A lineman is explaining how the demonstration works

High voltage cooks a hot dog "heart"

In this live demonstration, a co-op lineman demonstrates the effects of high-voltage contact and discusses electrical safety in the home. The sight, sound and smell of a 7,200 volt contact delivers a powerful message! You can request a free demonstration for:

  • School children

  • Emergency Crews & First Responders

  • Equipment Drivers

  • Highway Crews

  • Any other group who may encounter power lines (Which is EVERYONE!)

Several hazardous situations are enacted including using a six foot “person” made of PVC pipe to show what can happen when people contact 7,200 volts of electricity. The enactments are true to life, using a hot dog to represent the person’s heart and a melon to represent the head.

In addition, we demonstrate trees and kites contacting power lines as well as illustrate the hazards of 120-volt household electricity.  The program captures and holds the attention of the audience and helps the viewer remember and respect the power of electricity after leaving the program.  You will not soon forget this presentation! Contact us to schedule your free electric safety demonstration.


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