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Free Home Energy Audit

Saving Energy = Saving Money

We offer a free, personal and professional energy audit of your home. Call our energy specialist at 1-208-798-5212 for more information.

Sometimes, we find some simple ways to help you save:

  • Flipping switches

  • Sealing a few cracks

  • Screwing in LED bulbs

  • Installing a programmable thermostat (and actually programming it)

  • Eliminating unnecessary heating loads

Sometimes we find larger ways to help you save:

  • Adding insulation

  • Replacing old windows

  • Installing a heat pump (ducted or ductless)

Believe it or not, we want to help you keep your bills managable. We have always encouraged the wise, efficient and safe use of electricity. And remember:

  • We want to demonstrate to our Members that the co-op isn't here to make a profit. The co-op is here to serve the Members.

  • Saving energy, even a little, helps keep everyone's rates down. How?

    • Investments in power generation raise costs for everyone.

    • Energy produced in the Northwest can be sold on the open energy market if it isn't needed locally

Try your own virtual energy audit here!

Click here to get a better idea of how much some common appliances cost.



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