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Power Line Safety

Never touch a downed power line or anything that the power line touches. Although it may look harmless and innocent, the line could still be energized and deadly. Please keep this simple message in mind:Stay away.

  2. Report it!
    Call 911 -or- 1-888-743-1501 (24/7)

  3. Never try to move downed power lines.
    Objects such as brooms, boards, limbs or other non-metallic materials can still conduct electricity. Leave these situations for the emergency professionals.

  4. Never drive over downed power lines.
    If a power line touches your car as a result of an accident, do NOT get out. If possible, drive the vehicle away from the power line. If it is necessary to leave the vehicle, jump out without touching the car and the ground at the same time. Then shuffle away, keeping both feet together, rather than taking steps to minimize the chance of electricity flowing through the ground and then through your body. Fight the urge to run, and warn others not to run. This is because when a live wire touches the ground, electricity travels through the ground in all directions. Voltage decreases as it travels from the center where the live wire is touching the ground. If you run or take large steps, you could conduct electricity from one leg at one voltage to another leg at another voltage. This can shock or kill you.

Call Before You Dig
Simply call 8-1-1 before you dig whether you are a professional excavator or a do-it-yourself homeowner. 

Look Up and Live
When working outside with ladders, antennas, irrigation pipes, or vehicles that lift, always look up to check where the power lines are located.

General Safety
If you are planning to trim trees or logging near a power line, call us first. We will come out and trim or fall the tree free of charge.

Kites or other flying toys near power lines
If a kite or other type of object gets caught in the power line, call us immediately and we will come out and remove it for you.




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