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Rates and Fees

Electric Rates

Fee Schedule

  • Fee Policies
    Inlcludes, disconnect/reconnect, NSF checks, late charges, tampering fees & more

  • Security Deposit
    Security deposits may be waived with a satisfactory score from Online Utility Exchange.

  • Outdoor Lighting Service
    Clearwater Power will install automatic dusk-to-dawn outdoor security lighting at your request. Co-op Outdoor Lighting does not affect your overall electric use. The cost is covered by a small monthly fee and the lights do not run through your meter.

What is a Service Availability Charge? (Formerly called Facilities Charge)
Most utilities charge some type of 'service availability charge.' Clearwater Power Company’s service territory has a very low population density compared to a typical investor-owned utility.  With only about 3 accounts per mile of power line, only about half of your power bill goes to the actual purchase of electrical energy. The rest of your bill goes to maintenance of the power lines and the fixed costs of operating the utility including maintenance of lines, poles, substations, rights-of-way, interest expense, insurance, taxes, trucks and equipment, billing, administrative and miscellaneous services. The service availability charge is a contribution toward those fixed costs of operation and maintenance.
The amount of electricity used from month to month varies greatly but the facility costs are fixed. They occur whether you use the power or not. According to a recent analysis at Clearwater Power, the facilities costs for each residential account averages $78 per month per account.



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