$750 Rebate on Heat Pump Water Heaters

Water heater in a closetFrom now until  December 1st, co-op members can receive a $750 rebate on our Rheem Hybrid Water Heaters. Call (208) 743-1501 for more information

Hot water production is the second-largest component of home energy consumption after space heating. So, it makes sense to get the most efficient unit possible. Hybrid (heat pump) water heaters use about a third as much electricity as a conventional electric water heater.

Heat pump water heaters use the same technology as refrigerators—but in reverse. Instead of removing heat from inside the refrigerator and releasing it into the room, heat pump water heaters move heat from the air into the water tank. Because they rely on gathering heat from the air, their performance varies with air temperature, between warm climate regions and cold regions, and in different installation locations, like a basement or vented closet.

The Rheem hybrid water heaters use a heat pump most of the time but have a back-up resistance heating element for when the air temperature is too cold or the hot water demand is too high for the small heat pump to do the entire job on its own.

Learn more about how they work: