Career Day Raises Curiosity & Hair

Potlatch High School’s career day provided students with a chance to meet with professionals from several regional employers. Clearwater Power was honored to attend and discuss careers in an electric cooperative. It was also a chance to talk about the wonders of electricity.

  • How is electricity made?
  • How does it move?
  • How is it measured?
  • How do we stay safe around it?

After discussing careers, our session moved into the science of electricity. Students handled different types of materials that either allow or impede the flow of electricity (conductors and insulators). The demonstration explained that electricity moves from areas of high-voltage to low-voltage. When two objects are at the same voltage, there is no flow of current. This phenomenon is easily demonstrated by observing a bird on a power line. If the power line is 7000 volts and the bird is also 7000 volts, then there is no flow of electrons and therefore, no harm to the bird.

After learning about common forms of electricity generation, students generate their own electricity with a “shake light.” In this experiment, students get to observe the conversion of several types of energy: Chemical > Mechanical > Electric > Light.

Students also come into contact with a Van de Graaff generator. This is a safe way to experience a static-electric field which can be easily felt
and seen by causing small pieces of foil or paper to move and of course, it causes hair to stand on end.

Our Co-op Classroom is available upon request and is one of our favorite ways to connect with the communities we serve.