Chris Blessinger Hired as Director of Engineering

Chris Blessinger

Chris Blessinger is an explorer. Having grown up in a military household, he ended up living all over the country and the world. While he was able to find adventure everywhere, he fell in love with the mountains of Idaho. “Rain in the wintertime is unnatural – it should be snow in the winter!” he says.

Chris earned his degree in electric engineering from the University of Florida. Chris says: “I was more interested in computer systems and logic but there were better opportunities in power.” After graduating, he began designing substations and electrical systems. He worked mostly in Colorado and Oregon. In 2018, he took a supervisory position with Bonneville Power Administration and relocated to Idaho. He was hired by Clearwater Power in 2022.

“I’m a practical, hands-on type of engineer. I like being out with construction crews.” he says. He was drawn to the power industry because it is tangible and serves a critical function to society. He adds: “I just like building things – real things.”

For fun, Chris is a thrill-seeker and he wants to be outdoors. He enjoys rock climbing, mountain climbing, snowboarding, skiing, water sports, fishing, backpacking, and any outdoor thrill he can find. After spending his career building power systems, he can’t wait to get away from it all. As Chris puts it: “I like to just immerse in nature and get off the grid.”