Panda Hund Hired as Engineering Coordinator

Panda Haun headshotPanda is used to handling complex projects. Having spent many years in the window and glass business, she knows that there is a delicate balance between the needs of the consumer and the resources of the business. She came to Clearwater Power at an interesting time where new construction is near record pace while the supply chain remains unpredictable.

“We’re busy but everyone is working really hard. There are a lot of good people here,” she says.

Panda hails from the LC Valley where she and her husband, Bryce, manage the other delicate balance in life between work and family. Her children keep her busy with dance and sports.

“I love watching them learn and interact with the other kids.” She adds, “It’s so important to find that balance between your work and your family.”

When they get a chance, they love to get outdoors for camping, hiking, and riding dirt bikes.

“The Hells Gate hiking trails are my favorite, it’s so peaceful out there,” she says.

They also like to travel up the Snake River. “There’s nothing like it. It’s so unique and so relaxing. The kids wear themselves out up there.” She loves the thrill of powering a jet boat through the turbulent water.

“I like driving the boat but my husband knows the river really well,” she says.