Sharing Success

Support for Rural Fire Departments

It takes a special kind of person to be a volunteer firefighter, especially in the rural areas. They are the first line of defense for wildfires and they are often the first responders to an accident or disaster.

There’s an incredible set of necessary skills – fighting fires is only the beginning.

First, you have to know how to work as a team. You also need to learn how to operate the equipment. You need basic medical training, you need to know the area, the terrain, and even the history. Not to mention things like vehicle extraction, building construction, fire behavior, fuel sources, GPM calculation, and the list goes on. As stated, it takes a special person to do it. It takes a hero.

But even heroes need help.

Clearwater Power is a not-for-profit cooperative, which means cash for donations is limited. So, donations tend to be small and not particularly splashy.

CoBank is a national cooperative bank that Clearwater Power uses for financial services. Their Sharing Success program matches charitable donations, dollar-for-dollar up to a certain amount, essentially doubling the donation. Due to this amazing program, Clearwater Power was able to make four financial donations to local rural fire departments including: Craigmont Fire Department, Fernwood Fire Department, Tensed Rural Fire District, and Blue Mountain Fire District 1 (Anatone area).

The work they do is worthy of our gratitude and continued support.

Thank you to CoBank and the Sharing Success program!