84th Annual Meeting Results

The meeting held on June 24 was the first of two annual meetings to be held this year. We are hopeful to return to our normal schedule going forward. The results of the meeting are summarized below. Look for you August Ruralite for more complete coverage.

Director Elections for Districts 2 & 7

  • District 2 Results: Jeff Copeland was re-elected
  • District 7 Results: Tom Hutchinson was re-elected

Amended Articles of Incorporation & Cooperative Bylaws (Summary)

  • The bylaw amendments were approved as one ballot item. The topics included:
    • Expanded discretion for the dates, location & format of the annual meeting
    • Expanded discretion for the dates, location & format for special meetings
    • Simple housekeeping items
    • The nomination process for board of director candidates, as summarized below:
      • There are two ways to be included on the ballot for the Board of Director Election:
        • (1) Nomination via the Nominating Committee
        • (2) Nomination via Petition (this is a new option)
        • (x) Nominations from the floor during the annual meeting will no longer be accepted
      • All candidates must complete an application form that outlines the duties and responsibilities of holding a seat on the board of directors. The application also serves as an attestation that the potential candidate meets all residency and other requirements. The application is required for nominations via the nominating committee and/or by petition. To request an application, please contact Clearwater Power directly via telephone 208-743-1501, or by email: board@clearwaterpower.com
        Section 3(b), Nominations by Committee or Petition
        Below is a step-by-step guide to a nomination via petition:

        • Meet all eligibility qualifications identified in Section 3(a) of this Article;
        • Complete the application form certifying that they are willing, able, and qualified to serve as a director and agree to abide by all appropriate rules and regulations
        • Deliver the completed and signed Application form to the Cooperative by the deadline designated on the Application
        • Deliver to the Cooperative a completed Member Petition for Nomination Form by the deadline designated. Which includes the name of the nominee, the position for which they are running. The printed form includes the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and original dated signatures, signed within sixty (60) days of the first signature, of at least fifteen (15) separate and distinct memberships to this cooperative.
        • All such Member Petitions for Nomination will be submitted to the Nominating Committee at the annual Nominating Committee meeting. The Nominating Committee shall verify that each member being nominated by Petition has completed the above requirements and is therefore an eligible Director Candidate.

The complete Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws are available here:
Clearwater Power Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws Handbook

Save the date for the 85th Annual Meeting on November 4, 2022 at the Clearwater River Casino!