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Traditional electric billing involves using the electricity first and receiving a monthly bill after the fact that is due on the 20th of each month. Pre-Pay allows Members the freedom to pay when they want and not have to pay a deposit, late fee, disconnect fee, or reconnect fee associated with delinquent status.* With Pre-Pay, a Member simply pays ahead and establishes a credit balance. Then, as electricity is used, that balance is decreased each day. The Member must make adequate payments to maintain a credit balance. A Pre-Pay Member can monitor their usage and credit balance as often as they want with the Cooperative’s mobile app, website, 24-hour phone service, or by calling our office during normal business hours. Pre-Pay is available only to single-phase, direct metered accounts including those with outdoor lighting and/or satellite internet. Accounts on Auto-Pay, Budget Billing, combined propane billing, or that have payment contracts for anything other than electric use are not eligible for Pre-Pay.

*Updated July, 2021

Read the Prepay Policy (PDF).

New Members

New Members are required to complete a Membership Application if one is not currently on file. A minimum payment of $50.00 for electric use is required for initial service. Each Pre-Pay account will be charged under the applicable rate schedule. No deposit is required but in the event the Member wishes to convert from Pre-Pay to a traditional payment account, all applicable policies, credit checks, deposits, and fees will apply.

Existing Members

Existing Members opting to convert their account to Pre-Pay must pay in full all pre-existing fees and current account balance. Unbilled usage must also be paid in full. Members may choose to have existing deposits applied (when applicable) to account balances and/or their Pre-Pay account credit, with the understanding that if the Member wishes to convert from Pre-Pay back to a traditional payment account, all applicable policies, credit checks, deposits, and fees will apply and any outstanding debt must be paid in full. An account must have at least a $50.00 credit to begin Pre-Pay billing. Members selecting Pre-Pay are responsible for making minimum pre-payments of $25.00 per transaction toward their account to maintain a positive balance. Payments can be made at the Clearwater Power Company office during normal business hours. Payments can be made 24 hours-a-day via credit card or debit card through the automated phone system at (208) 743-1501, online at Clearwater Power, or with the SmartHub mobile app.


It is the Member’s responsibility and the Cooperative’s recommendation that the Members monitor their usage on a daily basis. Clearwater Power Company will provide low balance and disconnection notification but cannot guarantee that all notification or messaging will reach Members prior to disconnection. Members may choose to be notified by text message and/or email. Members must provide a working cell phone number and/or e-mail account to receive notices. Clearwater Power Company will send low balance notifications when a Pre-Pay balance has dropped below $20.00. Pre-Pay accounts will not receive a monthly bill. Clearwater Power Company will provide 24-hour access to usage information online at Clearwater Power or with the SmartHub mobile app, and by phone. Member Service Representatives will also be able to provide this information during normal business hours.


Pre-Pay account charges will be calculated and debited daily. These charges will include electric use as well as other applicable charges and fees including, but not limited to, service availabilities charges, internet, and outdoor lighting. Pre-Pay accounts do not receive paper statements or e-bills. Daily Pre-Pay account information including usage, charges, and payments will be available via phone, online at Clearwater Power, or with the SmartHub mobile app.


Pre-Pay accounts will be subject to automatic disconnection when the credit balance falls below $0.00. There will be no extensions or payment arrangements. Medical conditions and/or weather conditions will not postpone disconnection. Accounts will not be reconnected until balance is brought up to a credit balance (including payment of any unpaid usage). The disconnected account will continue to accrue the Service Availability Fee until the account is closed by the member.* Any returned checks or other fees will be charged to the member’s account immediately. If this causes the credit balance to be exhausted, service will be subject to disconnection. Once a check has been returned on a Pre-Pay account, Clearwater Power Company will no longer accept checks for payment on that account.

*Updated July, 2021

Updating Notifications

I understand that it is my responsibility to change the notification options or contact information when necessary. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide Clearwater Power Company with accurate contact information. I also understand that while Clearwater Power Company will make every effort to notify me in the case of a low balance or disconnection, that notification is not guaranteed. I understand that these notifications will contain information including account number and current balance.

Security Deposit

I understand that I have a security deposit on file with Clearwater Power. I understand that this will be applied to unbilled usage and/or to apply as a credit to my Pre-Pay account. Deposit monies will be applied towards the balance owed with the exception of $50.00, which may be used as the required Pre-Pay credit. Any deposit monies left over after being applied to outstanding balance will be credited to my Pre-Pay account.

Switching to Standard Billing

I understand that I can switch my account to a traditional payment account. If I elect to do so, I understand that I will be subject to a credit check and may be required to pay a new deposit and any balances in debt recovery before my account can be moved back to a traditional payment account.

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  • By initialing and signing this agreement, I certify that I understand and agree to all terms and conditions listed above.