Net Metering Demonstrations

Linemen in a bucket truck going up to a windmill above a solar panel on the ground.Our on-site renewable generation and net-metering demonstration project has two main objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to install and connect a renewable energy project to the grid safely and legally
  • Show the general public how much the materials and installation actually cost

Please call (208) 743-1501 to schedule a private tour for individuals or groups. Visit our Net Metering & Renewable Generation page to learn more about net metering.

Electric Safety Demonstrations

In this live demonstration, a co-op lineman demonstrates the effects of high-voltage contact and discusses electrical safety in the home. The sight, sound, and smell of a 7,200-volt contact delivers a powerful message! You can request a free demonstration for:
Lineman performing an electrical safety demonstration showing how power lines can catch fire.

  • School children
  • Emergency crews and first responders
  • Equipment drivers
  • Highway crews
  • Any other group who may encounter power lines (which is everyone!)

Several hazardous situations are enacted including using a six-foot “person” made of PVC pipe to show what can happen when people contact 7,200 volts of electricity. The enactments are true to life, using a hot dog to represent a human heart and a melon to represent the head.

We also discuss scenarios involving standard household electricity. The program captures and holds the attention of the audience and helps the viewer remember and respect the power of electricity after leaving the program. You will not soon forget this presentation! Contact us to schedule your free electric safety demonstration.