Board of Directors & Staff

The co-op’s board is made of co-op members. There are seven democratically elected board members, each one is a customer who lives on co-op lines. Clearwater Power’s service territory is divided into seven geographic districts, with one board member serving the district in which they are a resident. View our Service Territory Map (PDF).

The board is responsible for setting, reviewing, and revising policy that allows the General Manager and the management staff to carry out the day-to-day operation of the co-op. They hold meetings on the third Wednesday of each month. Elections for the 3-year terms take place at the annual meeting in November each year. Contact the board of directors by email.

Clearwater Power Management

  • K. David Hagen — Chief Executive Officer
  • Robert D. Pierce — Chief Operating Officer
  • Lorrie McCabe — Chief Financial Officer
  • Jon Leman — Chief Engineering and Technology Officer
  • Allison Thomas — Director of Member Services
  • Cynthia Tarola — Director of Accounting
  • Lance Wilson — Director of Purchasing & Warehousing