Broadband Internet

Clearwater Power offers broadband Internet services to our Members. This service is available through our partnership with the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC). To upgrade your existing package or sign up for new services, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Broadband Technical Support is available 24/7 to Clearwater Power Customers at: 1-888-228-0689

Current Subscribers

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Call Technical Support 24/7 at 1.888.228.0689

Available Packages

Viasat logoViasat

New installation or upgrade to Viasat equipment — One time $200 equipment fee, new 18-month contract.

Price Viasat Speed Data Packages
$70 Bronze

360 Video Resolution
(Phone screen)

12 Mbps 35 GB Soft Cap

40 GB in some locations


$100 Silver

480p Video Resolution

12 Mbps

25 Mbps in some locations

45 GB Soft Cap

60 GB in some locations

$150 Gold

720p Video Resolution

(Television Std. Def)


12 Mbps

25 Mbps in some locations

65 GB Soft Cap

100 GB in some locations

Soft Cap — In the event of exceeding the data package, speeds will be reduced to approximately 3 Mbps.

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