Green Power Choice

An easy way to support renewable energy.

    • Green Power is a specific subset of renewables that provide the highest environmental benefit. It typically includes solar, wind, landfill gas, & geothermal.

    • Clearwater Power is a co-owner of an electric generating plant in Oregon that creates electricity from landfill gas. Landfill gas (also called biogas) is produced by decomposing solid waste. That gas can be captured and used to operate electric generators. The process isn’t perfect but it’s an effective way to turn pollutants into useful fuel and ultimately, into electricity. By capturing it for fuel, it reduces emissions of methane, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. These funds support the maintenance and future expansion of green power facilities.
    There are two options for members who wish to participate in Green Power Choice:
    • 100-kilowatt-hour blocks of green power for $2 per block Each block you purchase will add $2 to your monthly electric bill and you may purchase as many blocks as you like

    • Designate 100% of your electricity purchased as green power for an additional one cent per kilowatt hour. By choosing this option, one penny will be added to your electric rate for each kilowatt-hour of electricity used on your monthly electric bill.